About Our Studio

We love what we do; delighting in the detail, the use of light and materials, the sensory, the tactile, and the making of spaces that age with grace.

We are driven by working together and with you. For us, the process is a dialogue. We listen, earn trust, foster friendships. We ourselves are a family, and are mindful that creating a home is a journey, a life experience. We are always careful to understand the way you live and what you enjoy. This is the key to designing a home that is truly yours.

Our Team

Carolina Fechino Alling - Interior Designer


Interni Design Studio lead designer since 2003, Carolina helps her clients understand the architecture of a home, and how that relates to and can be interpreted through a house’s interior. Carolina and her team work very closely with architects, allowing for a cohesive and expertly designed end product, where both exterior and interior are in harmony with one another. Carolina instinctively understands that successful interiors should meld with the architecture, as well as defining it. Carolina adeptly creates spaces with character that reflect her clients’ lifestyles, crafting relationships with surroundings. Just as form

should not exist without function, nor should architecture exist without interiors. 

Juniper Kennedy - Interior Designer


Born & raised in Montrose, CO, Juniper was always skiing, hiking, biking, & enjoying the great outdoors. Being surrounded by the outdoors grew her attention to the environment, & has grown to greatly influence her work.  

Having always had a passion for architecture & the arts, the decision to go into Interior Design, Architectural Studies was simple.  

In 2009, she graduated from Fort Collins. While going to school, Juniper worked for Architectural, Landscaping, & Construction Firms, learning many facets of the Design industries. 

Juniper started her work with Interni Design Studio in 2013m and is happy to continue her knowledge and growth in the interior Design industry